Meeting Auto Insurance Arizona Requirements

Meeting Auto Insurance Arizona Requirements

In the state of Arizona, you are required to carry a minimum of liability insurance through an insurer that is licensed to operate in the state. You must accept the minimum levels of financial responsibility for the other individual and vehicle in an accident. This consists of:

  • •$15,000 of bodily injury liability for one person
  • •$30,000 of bodily injury liability for two people
  • •$10,000 of property damage liability

This is the bare minimum that you must carry according to auto insurance Arizona requirements. If you do not carry proper insurance, you may have your vehicle registration or driver’s license suspended. All vehicles that are registered in Arizona must be insured in Arizona. Your vehicle cannot be insured in another state. You must always carry proof of registration and insurance with you in your car. This is the first thing that you’ll be asked for if you’re pulled over.

While it’s good to begin with the minimum coverage required by Arizona, you should also consider adding other types of coverage to your auto insurance plan. The insurance required by law covers the other driver, but it doesn’t cover you or your vehicle. If the other driver is uninsured, your own damages may not be paid for at all. Personal injury protection is an addition to your insurance that you can invest in to protect yourself. This can pay for rehabilitation, lost earnings if you’re out of work due to an injury, and replacement of services if you’re disabled.

Collision coverage will help you with expenses associated with all kinds of collision. This is helpful if you run into something other than another car. If you hit an object or your vehicle rolls over, collision insurance will help cover damage to the vehicle. For injuries, you should have insurance coverage for medical payments.

There are many different choices to consider when you’re buying auto insurance. The best way to navigate all your options is to talk to an insurance agent about your needs and driving habits. The cost for various plans will vary depending on many different factors including the make and model of your car, your own age, gender, and driving history, and the area in which you live. Regardless of the maximum coverage that you may choose to carry, you should remember that you must always keep the minimum coverage for your vehicle maintained to be in compliance with Arizona state law.

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