What Type Of Auto Insurance Is Right For You?

What Type Of Auto Insurance Is Right For You?

Deciding which company you want to purchase auto insurance from is often one of the easiest steps in buying car insurance. Companies have well-known reputations that can make them easy choices, but deciding what type of auto insurance you should purchase can be more difficult.

There are many different types of auto insurance, and they don’t come with well-known reputations or recognizable logos. In order to determine which type of auto insurance is right for you, you’ll have to understand the different types of insurance and what they cover.

The first, and most well-known, type of auto insurance is insurance that directly covers your car. This type of insurance often comes in two subcategories, comprehensive and collision. Comprehensive insurance covers any non-collision damage to your car, which can include hail, ice, or rock damage. This is a type of insurance that many people decide not to purchase if they’re tight on money, because it is not generally considered essential. Collision insurance, on the other hand is often considered very important. It will cover damages to your car that occur when you run into something, whether it’s a stop sign, tree, or another car. Both comprehensive and collision auto insurance will help you repair and maintain your vehicle if it’s damaged.

The second type of auto insurance is insurance that covers a specific person, or people. This insurance will be tied directly to individual drivers, and will be applicable whenever that person is driving, regardless of what car they’re using. This type of insurance includes both liability and medical insurance. Liability insurance will cover damages to property that’s damaged by the driver, while medical insurance will help cover hospital expenses for the driver and others who are injured in a car accident.

You don’t have to choose just one of insurance to cover only your car or a driver, of course. Most auto insurance companies in Arizona and around the country will offer policies that include some of each. Many will also let you pick and choose certain aspects of each type of coverage, and right-size your policy to fit your specific needs. In most cases you’ll get the best insurance if you choose a combination of comprehensive, collision, liability, and medical insurance.

Consider all of these options when you’re deciding what type of auto insurance is right for you, and you’ll be able to get the coverage you need at a price you can afford.

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